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Applications and Enrolment
Enrolment procedures

In order to apply to a training, please complete the on-line application form at the following link (select the code of the course you are interested in): 

Please note that in order to complete the on-line application form you will have to:
- give your complete passport details
- attach a letter of sponsorship from your supporting organisation (or send scanned copies to, stating that it will cover your course fees as well as your travel and visa costs. All applicants must submit this letter. If you are self-sponsored, indicate that you will be covering your own cost.

In addition:
If you work for an NGO you must submit
- NGO statute and Registration number (only for residential courses)
- name, valid email and phone number of the NGO Director/head
- at least one reference from a partner organization (preferably a UN organization, government or well-known NGO), full name of the organization, the contact person, title, valid email and phone number.

If you are self employed you must submit:
-at least two references from client organizations (preferably a UN organization, government or well-known NGO) full name of the organization, the contact person, title, valid email and phone number.

Your candidature will not be considered if incomplete.

Your candidature will be submitted to the Activity Manager and to our Selection Committee and selected participants will be informed by e-mail (approximately one month before the beginning of the course in the case of residential courses).

Applicants may be asked to present themselves to the nearest ILO office for authentication or be asked for a phone interview to verify information and language skills.

Application to fellowships

The Centre offers a few partial fellowships for on-line and residential courses,available for nationals from developing countries (click here to see the list of eligible countries - it may vary from year to year). The selection process will be based on relevance and impact.

Should you be interested in applying for a fellowship, please let us know during the enrolment process. Please note that some courses have specific eligibility requirements which are normally specified in the course adverts.

NOTE FOR FORMER PARTICIPANTS: Please note that if you have already benefitted from one of our fellowships it will not be possible for you to apply again for it, in order to allow more candidates to benefit from a fellowship.

Fees for residential courses

The standard cost for a residential one-week course is 2,100€ (subsistence: 600€ tuition: 1,500€) . A two-weeks course costs Euro 3,500 (subsistence: 1,350€. tuition: 2,150€).

The above costs include tuition fees, use of training facilities and support services, training materials and books, accommodation and full board on the Centre’s campus, laundry, local study visits or study tours (when foreseen), routine medical care and emergency medical insurance.

The cost of the course does not include travel expenses, passport costs, visa and airport taxes. Participants must therefore ensure when applying that they have funding to cover the international travel and provide us as soon as possible with the supporting letter from the sponsoring organization. 

Cancellation policy
Please note that if you do not cancel your participation by e-mail at least 72 hours before the starting date of the course, the ITCILO reserves the right to charge you 10% of the full course price

Fees for on-line courses

On-line courses fees depend on your course option: to see the details of each option (guided reading, network learning or regular tutored course), please have a look at the "On-line Gender Campus section".

Only participants from eligible countries can apply to a grant:  click here to see the list of eligible countries. The list may vary from year to year.

All prices are expressed in Euros

• Guided Reading (self-learning study):
Flat rate for one course (5 modules): Euro 400. Reduction through ITC/ILO grants (MAE) applicable to participants from eligible countries ONLY: Euro 200.

• Network learning (with group tutorial assistance): 

Nber of Modules Full Price     Reduced                 price with ITC/ILO grant
1 350 N/A
2 500 N/A
3 650 N/A
4 800 N/A
5 950 450

• Regular Tutored Course (with individual tutorial assistance):

Nber of Modules Full Price     Reduced                 price with ITC/ILO grant
1 270 100
2 540 200
3 810 300
4 1080 400
5 1350 450



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