Gender equality and non-discrimination
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Introduction to participatory gender auditing for facilitators

12 - 16 May 2014
Monitoring and assessment mechanisms facilitate the implementation of policies, as they measure the impact of the activities on the target group and assess whether the targets are actually met. The ILO Participatory Gender Audit Methodology is a particularly proactive method, based on a participatory and learning approach at the individual, work unit and organizational level.

The course will allow you to detect and measure achievements and challenges on the integration of gender equality within an organisation.

The course is open to representatives of governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations, civil society organizations, human resources consultants and professional evaluators.

Particularly relevant for staff looking for concrete tools to mainstream gender and set result based management monitoring for projects and programmes and for assessing an organization's gender performance.

Previous knowledge of gender themes and direct experience in promoting equality issues is required.

You will find more information in the flyer of the course:
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The deadline for applications is the 4 th of April:
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Gender equality for development effectiveness

26-30 May 2014

This course aims to familiarize participants with “strategies and tools that work” for advancing gender equality in development planning. The workshop builds on the experiences an good practices collected by UN Women and ITC/ILO at national and international level on how concrete actions can be taken to align national and sector level development policies, programme and budgets with gender equality priorities.

In order to ensure that all participants make the best of this short, intensive workshop, participants will be required to possess: Proficiency in English language; preliminary knowledge of basics in gender and development and gender analysis and planning methodologies.

You will find more information in the flyer of the course:
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The deadline for applications is the 14th of April:
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