Gender equality and non-discrimination

11 - 22 November 2013
Turin, Italy

A global international event on gender, work and employment, gathering experts and successful practitioners

> Background

For the last twelve years, the International Training Centre of the ILO has been offering successful high level training activities aimed at increasing awareness of gender equality principles and at providing practical tools for their implementation. It has thus become a unique hub offering opportunities of gaining knowledge and sharing best practices in the field of gender mainstreaming.
The 2013 edition will be offered in partnership with the UN Women Global Training Centre.

The first (2011) Gender Academy was a consolidation of this experience.

To watch the video reportage of the 2011 edition, use the following link:

> Description

The 2013 edition of the Gender Academy is addressed to development professionals from all over the world with a view to offering an exclusive forum for discussion and a platform for new experiences. It is recommended for specialists and practitioners who already have familiarity with gender concepts. The format of the Academy makes it a special occasion for updating and upgrading professional knowledge through exposure to high-level international expertise.

International experts, academicians and practitioners will present and discuss key themes in a series of master classes with simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Spanish. In addition, a range of elective workshops will offer additional insight into specific subjects, develop skills and provide room for application and knowledge-sharing.

> Formula

We are proposing this year an enticing formula, with two specific segments (one week each) to build up a unique continuum.

The first week will focus on development aspects of gender mainstreaming, while the second week will explore themes related to equal opportunities in work-related contexts. Click on the tag "Programme of the Academy" to know more about the specific contents as they develop.

Once again, the focus of the Academy will be on "how to", critically reviewing available tools and practical methods.

> Objectives

Participants will:

be exposed to advanced international knowledge and best practices in areas related to the promotion of gender equality at work 
 acquire tools and practical methods, successfully designed and tested in other national or regional contexts, and adaptable to your own environment 
 share experiences and information with individuals and/or organizations with shared interests in mainstreaming gender equality and identify appropriate strategies for collaboration
 use research, networking, knowledge sharing to assemble appropriate resources on mainstreaming gender equality.

> Who should attend

The Academy is designed for development professionals including: government officials, representatives of employers and workers' organisations, international organizations, such as the agencies of the UN system and the international financial institutions, the private sector, academia and civil society organizations.

> Format and contents

The Gender Academy lasts two weeks and consists of a combination of :

 master classes and round tables (in plenary session, with simultaneous interpretation) from leading international experts in the field
 elective workshops (in one or two languages) to be chosen in a wide range of topics, according to participants' needs and preferences. Participants will have a choice of one workshop in the morning and one in the afternoon
 structured knowledge-sharing opportunities, based on the open space methodology
 study visits and events related to the topics of the Academy.

A detailed description of of each session is available here:

> Language requirements

This edition of the Gender Academy is offered in English, French and Spanish. Simultaneous interpretation will allow for an intense sharing of experiences and information among participants from different geographical realities.


> How to apply

To enrol in the Academy, please register on-line at the address: (click on "apply now" and select the title of the activity A906059 Gender Academy).

Final deadline for registration 27 September 2013

> Costs

Fees: 3,250 Euro, including training and subsistency fees
Limited number of fellowships - covering tuition fees - available.

> Contact

To know more, contact:

Visit our website: for keeping updated with work in progress. 




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